Things you can do in Negombo beach

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“Negombo ” is an underrated coastal destination in Sri Lanka which holds a great significance and attracts many tourists. Located in the western coast of the island it is only 10-15 min away from the Bandaranaike international airport is the perfect place to start a relaxed vacation. 

Picture the sunny beaches and the amazing hospitality that this tiny island offers. The beauty of Negombo is that it is located on the shores of the Negombo lagoon which had been a significant trading port to both the Portuguese and the Dutch. The scenic western coast beach is just a short drive from the metropolitan city; Colombo and is often the ideal retreat for busy locals and travelers looking for a quick escape of calm and quiet away from the hustle and bustle.

Being not too far away from Colombo the things to do in Negombo Beach are seemingly less at a glance. However, the experience and the unique activities that take place in Negombo Beach is what makes this coastal area all the more beautiful and a must try.

Some of the famous activities in Negombo Beach are.

  • A visit to the Fishing Village (Take a stroll down small fishing villages on the outskirts of Negombo on an evening. It is a priceless experience to witness the hustle of the fisherman)

  • Do a Canal Boat ride (As a result of colonization Sri Lanka has several canals built by the Europeans to move goods from one trading post to another. Even though goods are no longer transported via these canals, they are in operation for boat rides)

  • Visit the Angurukaramulla Temple (A visit to a temple is a must when you visit Sri Lanka. The country offers numerous temples with a lot of historical importance)

  • St. Mary’s Church

  • Negombo Beach (No trip to Colombo is complete without a visit to the beach. The most gorgeous time and the crowd pleaser is the sunset)

  • Visit the Dutch Fort (It is located closer to the lagoon’s mouth and the ruins of and ancient Dutch fort, with a gateway that is inscribed with the date 1678 will be a sight to remember)

  • Finally do a catamaran Dining (especially if you are visiting with your partner. What better romantic getaway)

Finally, no destination is complete with accommodation and at Global Housing and Real Estate (pvt) LTD we have identified the destination as a potential market with growth in the real estate sector and our upcoming development project Ocean Breeze – Negombo is the perfect example of Holiday Residencies in Sri Lanka.

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