Reasons why the Tourists love the Sigiriya Lion’s Rock

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Sri Lanka was identified for its natural resources, astounding irrigational and engineering capabilities, strategic location and importantly hospitality since ancient times. Sigiriya Lion’s Rock in Sri Lanka is one of the most fascinating places (also a UNESCO declared heritage site) that is considered as the 8th wonder of the world resulting it to be a tourist hot spot. 

“Sigiriya” is in the central hills of Sri Lanka surrounded by mountain ranges and vast landscapes of greenery. The Sigiriya rock is located predominantly surrounded by thick jungles. At eyesight this might not make sense as the surrounding looks pretty simple and plain. However, the cherry on top of the climb is once you climb to the top. 

Once you reach the top you will see a vast area of thick forest spreading across landscapes predominantly with flat land and a couple of significant mountain ranges in the vicinity. Climbing Sigiriya is not a difficult task and hopefully the following Sigiriya Rock Fortress Guide will help you enjoy this world wonder.

  • Getting there

    Main means of transport is via road. Recommended to use a private vehicle from Kandy or Colombo which will cost you 12,500LKR from Colombo and around 8000 LKR from Kandy. However, if you are backpacking or on a budget trip you can also take a local bus to Dambulla from Kandy and then another to Sigiriya.

  • When to visit

    Perfect times to visit the Sigiriya Lion Rock would be either early morning or in the evening before the sunset. Mid-day climb is possible however, due to the humid and tropical weather it might not be the most ideal time

  • The Cost

    The cost of the ticket for the locals is 65 LKR. and 3750 LKR (approx. $30) for foreign tourists. The significant price hike is predominantly because it is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site it is unavoidable.

  • Sigiriya Gardens

    Perfectly normal at a glance but what makes it absolutely magnificent is the fact that it was built over 1000 years ago and the irrigation system that supports the garden and fountains is absolutely unreal. The pipelines are connected underground with a unique irrigation system which also feed the fountains.

  • The Climb

    Comprising approximately 1200 steps; a combination of stones and steel (a recent addition because of preservation) might be slightly exhausting as you mount up but take your time to enjoy the view and the climb. Pay attention as the climb will also unfold the historical significance and the stories as you go up. Some of the main highlights on the way up are the Sigiriya frescoes, Murals, the mirror wall (that reflects the artworks on the opposite wall), Remnants of the Lion statue at the entrance of Sigiriya for which is also called the Lions rock. Legend says that on the top of the rock there would have been at least a 3-story building with outdoor areas for the king to enjoy evening activities. However, the most astonishing thing remaining on the top is a huge bath similar to a swimming pool which screams of the magnificent irrigation and engineering capabilities of our ancestors because they had a mechanism to pump water all the way up from a nearby pond or stream.

As a result of this historical monument today Sigiriya is one of most popular tourist destinations. The area has been seeing some recent developments as “the Kingdom – Sigiriya”. We at Global Housing and Real Estate (Pvt) LTD have ensured to preserve nature, heritage while tactfully building modern, luxury living creating a difference in the real estate market for hotel residencies in Sri Lanka.

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