Post Covid effect on the Sri Lankan property market: What to expect

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Real Estate and construction are a breadwinner in the Sri Lankan economy and has a massive supply chain connecting small to medium enterprises in Sri Lanka and is a key industry that creates a number of job opportunities. As a result of the restrictions imposed to contain / minimize the health impact from Covid19 the industry had to take a toll as the safety precautions imposed came at a great expense of property developments coming to halt, unemployment in the industry skyrocketing. The effect of Covid for Sri Lankan Real Estate has been a hot topic in the Real Estate News in Sri Lanka as there had been continuous unprecedented challenges causing severe disruptions both socially and economically.

At Global Housing and Real Estate (pvt) LTD the past two years has been a rollercoaster journey and something we haven’t experienced or anticipated being in business for almost two decades. As per our market analysis experts the extent of the impact and the progress to recovery will all depend on how the virus progresses and currently this is the most crucial and uncertain factor in the equation thus, the uncertainty remains on the trajectory of recovery in economic activity.

Even though the real estate is identified as one of the Best Investments in Sri Lanka currently it is anticipated that there will be potential delays in all investment activities in the months to come. Predominantly owing to the constant fluctuations and uncertainty in the market. As a ripple effect of the lock-down and limitations in financing there is an evident slowdown in the developments, constructions, and the engineering sector.

We are constantly evaluating options on how our activities can resume to gradually return to a new normal where health and safety of the workforces will be a priority. However, ease in restrictions might not be the only factor holding the industry back as we rely on countries such as China, India for raw materials. 

Therefore, post pandemic recovery for the real estate and development market requires a lot of planning, anticipation and will depend on local and global covid impacts. The constant fluctuations and uncertainty is likely to impact on our prevailing cost structures, limited manpower and constant changes to our development timelines.

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