Huge gain potential for the Investors in Sri Lanka. Don’t miss the opportunity

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The talk of the town in the most recent Sri Lankan Real Estate News is the prevailing up & coming real estate Investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. It has been identified that there is a massive gain potential for investors keen on investing in the Sri Lankan Real estate market and therefore you shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

At Global Housing and Real Estate (pvt) LTD, we have been the #1 Hotel Residency Developer in Sri Lanka and with our experience over a decade in the market we can affirm that the real estate market (especially in and out Colombo) being inaccessible to most Sri Lankans is now a myth.

If you are a potential investor / buyer seeking for Investment opportunities in Sri Lanka, we assure you that now is your window of opportunity and here is why we think you should consider it.

Today, the interest rates in Sri Lanka are possibly the lowest that it has ever been in the recent past and the fixed incomes have also radically taken a downward trend whilst the most secure method of saving (for Sri Lankans specially) “the fixed deposits” are extremely unattractive as a result of the drastic drop in interest rates. Therefore, our suggestion and advice to all our clients / inquirers is that if you are at least keen in preserving the value of the money your best bet is a good real estate investment.

However, it is also our responsibility to emphasize that these investments do come with a risk as it will all depend on your place of investment and purpose thus, it is crucial to understand the market dynamics and the external factors.

Being in the market for so long we are here to advise you and guide you regardless of if you are a 1st time buyer or a returning investor. It is with the long-term experience we have diversified our projects to cate to client needs. As a result of the constant market research today we offer a range of properties in our portfolio starting from traditional Apartment, Hotel Residency or Mixed development consisting of commercial and residency mix for higher long-term return.

There is an evident opportunity in property investments currently in Sri Lanka and if you are keen in exploring your opportunities speak to us and our team will assist you.

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