Here’s why you won’t regret investing in Sri Lankan real estate

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Real Estate in Sri Lanka is currently a trending topic and the one of the few markets that is depicting signs of a growing trajectory. Real estate and property development is likely to be a flourishing market in the future and here is why we think that an investment in Sri Lankan real estate is not a bad idea.

Being known as a developing nation the country houses some of the top real estate companies in Sri Lanka and the quality of the projects that are in place makes it a reasonable decision to invest. Especially factoring in the return on investment as the market continues to grow.

We at Global Housing and Real Estate (pvt) LTD has been the #1 Hotel Residency Developer in Sri Lanka and we have been in business for almost two decades providing some quality projects across the country and we are recognized to provide some best real estate Investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

If you are a seasonal investor or a fresh investor inquiring for information, seeking for the potential investment opportunities in the country we are here to guide you and to help you find the best suitable property for your liking. 

The country despite being a small island has a lot of new developments and projects that will overtime be a focal point in the real estate landscape in the country. One of the key projects in place that has made it more attractive for investors to consider Sri Lanka is the “Port city project” that is projected to attract local and internal elite investors. Simultaneously the country is also focused on infrastructure development such as highways, road development that creates a positive outlook for the global economy encouraging investors to consider Sri Lanka as a potential real estate market. 

In summary the most legit reasons for you as an investor to consider Sri Lanka are.

01 Strategic importance 

  • The country is in a Major shipping route that connects South Asia, Far East and the Pacific with Europe and America 
  •  Is near emerging Southeast Asian economies and Middle Eastern countries
  • Has a Strong air connectivity and is a major tourism hotspot. 
  • Is a Part of the One Belt, One Road initiative. 

02 Has a Conducive business environment as the country was identified as one of most conducive countries into business. 

03 infrastructure development (e.g.: Megapolis development plan, projects to improve external and internal connectivity, TRACE Expert City project etc.)
04 Multitude of On-going national development initiatives (The Lotus Tower project, The Beira Lake development).

05 Finally for the property developers and those keen in investing in a residential, leisure apartment Sri Lanka is expected to reach an urbanization rate of 31.6% by year 2030.

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