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Top things to do in Sigiriya

Top things to do in Sigiriya

sigiriya lions rock 768x513 1

Sigiriya is an iconic destination in Sri Lanka that has been visited by thousands and thousands of locals and tourists to-date remains an architectural marvel, which is often considered to be the 8th wonder of the world. “Sigiriya Rock” is a landmark that boasts the irrigational, engineering and the remarkable architectural capacity of our ancestors. 

Climbing the Sigiriya rock is a must do if you are planning a trip to Sigiriya. However, if you are seeking for more information about the surroundings, activities and some of the things to do in Sigiriya, here is a simple guide that will help you plan the trip better.

  • Climb Sigiriya Rock (Aka Lion Rock)

    Mandatory as it is one of the Top Attractions in Sigiriya. (Tip ⇒ Morning is the best time to climb the rock, as it is much cooler than it will be during midday)

  • Visit the Pidurangala Rock

    Another interesting climb and the beauty is you will see Pidurangala situated right next to Sigiriya Rock and it hold its own beauty once you climb to the top.

  • Visit the Sigiriya Museum

    Visit the museum to learn more about the historical importance of the Kingdom of Sigiriya.

  • Visit the Minneriya National Park

    (This is your cue to visit a national wildlife park while you are in Sigiriya. Experience the wildlife (elephants) in Sri Lanka.

  • Cycling Tours

    You can take your own Cycling tour in Sigiriya by renting a bicycle for the day.

  • Hot Air Ballooning

    If you are in the mood for an extraordinary experience, try the hot air balloons in Sigiriya. The Sri Lankan ballooning season is from November to April and is definitely one of the most unique things to do in Sigiriya.

  • Visit Historical Buddhist Temples

    You can also visit Dambulla Cave temple, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa (but will include a drive of about an hour). These three places hold very significant importances in Lanakan history.

These are some of the top things one can do in Sigiriya.

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